1. Outer shell in Merino whool (winter side)

2. BIOCEL rubber

3. Nonwoven fabric

4. Non-deformable BIOCEL Pad

5. Polycotton Batting

6. Outer shell in 100% cotton (summer side)

Our Orthopaedic Merino Mattress is made of special, highly advanced materials and technology. It contains an extrem flexible sheet of heliocel and elastic material of the fines quality that, by virtue of its molecular composition, ensures normal aereation while adapting perfectly to the contours of the body. The mattress is absolutely undeformable and ensures the ideal position to repose in, as recommended by orthopaedic specialists, without sacrificing comfort.
For special offers please contact us with your personal requirements.

   Available in the sizes :

  90 x 190 cm • 3´0´´ x 6´3´´
135 x 190 cm • 4´6´´ x 6´3´´
150 x 198 cm • 5´0´´ x 6´6´´
183 x 198 cm • 6´0´´ x 6´6´´
Our Orthopaedic Merino Mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee !