What our Clients have to Say:

Hi Debbie

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how much me and and my husband are enjoying our new mattress that we bought on our visit in December 2016

It arrived just in time for Christmas and honestly the difference it has made has been fantastic! My husband was a very light sleeper and infact had bought himself a gadget to measure how much deep sleep you get in a night. He was averaging between 14 minutes to an hour before we changed the mattress, now he averages between 3 and 4 hours, amazing.

I too have certainly noticed a difference in my quality of sleep too and feel very realxed and supported as soon as I lie down.

I hope all is well with you and that you are still enjoying life on Lanzarote

Kind Regards, a very happy customer!


Sian and Steve JonesKidderminster

Hello there,

Just writing to tell you all how pleased I am with my purchase of the Dormatherm Merino Wool Mattress and accessories, they have been a god sent gift of warmth and comfort. It’s a pleasure to go into bed. As soon as you settle down, all the stresses and strains of the day just simply evaporate away. I am glad we took the blanket trip, it was most enjoyable and Gill is a marvelous guide for the tour firm. She made the visit so interesting & with her wide knowledge of the history and surroundings, she was brilliant. Please convey our regards to her on her next visit to you.

I will never regret spending the money on the mattress, it I worth every penny and the accessories are fantastic. My waistcoat is fab in the car, I don’t travel without it in this weather and I can’t praise the bed enough, only thing is I don’t want to get out of it into these cold frosty mornings and the same applies to my husband. He wasn’t too happy about me spending so much money on a mattress but now that he has slept on it he can see the benefit it brings and is glad I bought it.

So I just had to write a few lines to you, to say how satisfied, more than satisfied with our wonderful mattress & accessories. And Jane you were right, no more cramps, stiff necks or joint pains, marvellous. Keep up the good work girls. Love to you all.

Mrs M SimonSwansea

I refer to the above contract to confirm the details of my order made on the 05-04-17 for a single size orthopaedic mattress size 3´0 x 6´3 // 90 x 190 is correct for delivery at the above address.
(This will be exactly the same type of mattress that you supplied to me on 04/02/05 via contract xxxxx)
I have found this to be excellent in every way and it is still in perfect condition…
I also have the underbed…overbed…and pillows as supplied by you and can highly recommend all you products …which I have used constantly over the past 12 years….
At nearly 84 years old I have none of the usual “aches & pains” that many others of my age suffer from…. ( I did recommend the whole of your bedding system on ”BBC Radio Solent” just this past March during the Paul Miller Show when a survey was held of those who use blankets and those who use duvets for their bedding !!
My thanks to you and your products…. I look forward to receiving the new mattress..

Mr N MarvenDorset

Hi Michael,

Just a line to let you know we are so pleased with the mattress and bedding, Stewart’s words are ‘money well spent’.

Helen Williams Stoke On Trent

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having purchased a mattress, pillows & overbed at your showroom in Majorca, we are pleased to say that during the last month we have been delighted to have both had the most comfortable sleep for a long time.

In no way did your staff exaggerate the benefits that we have received. It was certainly money well spent.

Mr & Mrs D Butlin Warwickshire

I have received the mattress and WOW very impressed I get pins and needles in my hands which wakes me up during the course of the night … Amazing …. Pins and needles gone that was the first night ….I will be recommending this to all my family and friends, in fact I have done it already.

Brenda LindleyKent