How do you know if your multi-vitamins are working?

Virtually no products on the shop shelves are designed to deliver the extensive range of nutrients that the body needs to sustain premium health over time, eg. many leave out vitamin K and boron which are important for strong bones. Many use poorly absorbed ingredients to save money, even if a product list on a product looks good, the nutrients are not absorbed and pass right through the body.

The right nutrients in the right amounts translate into more energy, better sleep and a stronger immune system which leads to a fuller, more enjoyable lifestyle. Clinical studies show that most people do not get enough of even the basic nutritional requirements from the foods they eat. We have literally set new industry and standards for quality and scientific integrity with our comprehensive multivitamin/mineral supplement line. Our nutritional supplements combine the best of science and nature.

Today more than 50 staff scientists lead the Pharmanex research and development team. This group works closely with over 150 scientists from around the world. In life we make good decisions and bad decision by choosing the right multi-vitamin could add life to our years. W e invite you to explore our web pages and experience what makes our products different…….. We guarantee results when using our products.

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